Steinel RS 16 LED



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<p>Evolution of a classic. RS 16 LED sensor-switched indoor light, ideal for corridors, hallways, stairwells and bathrooms. Integrated high-frequency sensor with 360&deg; coverage, 3-8 m reach all round. The latest LED technology, 837 lm at a consumption of only 9 W. Adjustable time and twilight threshold, including soft light start, easy interconnection of several lights via cable.<br /><br /></p> <p><strong>Features:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Output: 9.5 W</li> <li>Degree of protection (IP): IP44</li> <li>With motion detector: Yes</li> <li>Sensor type: High Frequency</li> <li>Brightness: 940 lm</li> <li>LED cooling system: Passive Thermo Control</li> <li>Detection angle: 360&deg; with 160&deg; angle of aperture</li> <li>Reach: 3&thinsp;&ndash;&thinsp;8 m dia. max.</li> <li>Response Brightness: 2 – 2000 lux lx</li> <li>Soft light start: Yes</li> <li>Time setting: 5 sec. – 15 min</li> <li>Dimensions: : Diameter: 255mm x Depth: 92 mm</li> </ul>

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