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<p>XLED home 2 sensor-switched outdoor floodlight for even more safety and security. Fully swivelling LED panel in classy stainless-steel look. For the most exacting of demands on design and maximum lighting convenience. 1184 lm at a power consumption of only 14.8 W. Swivelling precision IR sensor (horizontally: 180&deg;, vertically: 90&deg;). 140&deg; angle of coverage, 14 m reach. High thermal conductivity magnesium composite cooling system (HCMC).<br /><br /></p> <p><strong>Features:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Output: 14.8 W</li> <li>Degree of protection (IP): IP44</li> <li>Material: UV-resistant plastic</li> <li>Version: White</li> <li>Mains power: 75 mA</li> <li>Power factor: 0.84</li> <li>Sensor type: Passive infrared</li> <li>Max. Output: Max. 1000 W, max. 4 fluorescent lamps / LED lamps, C &lt; 88 &micro;F</li> <li>Brightness: 1184 lm</li> <li>Efficiency: 80 lm/W</li> <li>Colour rendering: Ra &ge; 80</li> <li>LED cooling system: HCMC ( High Conductive Magnesium Composite)</li> <li>Floodlight positioning range: 180&deg; horizontally, 180&deg; vertically</li> <li>Detection angle: 140&deg; with sneak-by protection</li> <li>Sensor swivelling range: 180 &deg;</li> <li>Sensor tilting range: 90 &deg;</li> <li>Reach: 14 m</li> <li>Capability of masking out individual segments: Yes</li> <li>Time setting: 8 sec. – 35 min.</li> <li>Response Brightness: 2-2000 lx</li> <li>Protection class: II</li> <li>Temperature range: -20&deg;C – +40&deg;C</li> <li>With lamp: STEINEL LED system</li> <li>Dimensions: Height: 180mm x Width: 194mm x Depth: 161mm</li> </ul>

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