Varilight V-Pro Remote Dimmer Switch, 2 gang


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Varilight V-Pro IR 2 x 250w 2 Way Master Remote Touch Dimmer Switch SwitchnWhitenThe V-Pro dimers feature intelligent protection from overload, short circuit. They also feauture adjustable minimum brightness and wide choice of dimming modes, this range of dimmer switches can be used with leading or trailing edge dimming.The offer the optimium performance from a lighting load.nV-PRO dimmers are compatible for 0-100W of LED Lighting load (1-10 LEDs).nThe dimmer also has soft start to extend the life span of the lamp. It also features completely silent operation. Now you can dim the led lights using the touch control or a remote control handsetn1 Gang Dimmer LoadnDimmable LEDsnMin Load: 0WnMax Load: 100W (or 1 – 10 LEDs)nIncandescent LampsnMin Load: 10WnMax Load: 400WnHalogen LampsnMin Load: 10WnMax Load: 300WnFull control can be achieved by selectingthe Varilight® LightScene™ remote control plus a master control function which will controlseveral dimmers on and off simultaneously, and enabling the user to record up to 4 lighting “scenes”