Voltafit LED POLO 2D 12W Bulkhead Sensor


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Voltafit LED Polo has a wide variety of applications and it comes in 12W and 16W. It is also configurable, so you can addMotion Sensoror Emergency Pack to it.nThis product was design with simplicity in our mind- the result is an elegant, stunning product that will satisfy even the most demanding lighting needs.Buy with trust, all Voltafit luminaires areassembled in the UK to ensure highest standards.nPRODUCT FEATURES AND ADVANTAGESnProven technology with over 10,000 bulkheads in services to UK housing associationsnEasy to install and easy to replace individual components (in case of failure)nEmergency batteries for lighting from leading manufacturer YuasanThermal vias (perforated board) carry heat away from LED chipsnCE-EMC approved LED drivers with 95% efficiencynLumen Maintenance Factor LM 80n5 Year Warranty