Voltafit LED POLO 2D 16W Bulkhead Sensor. LED Board Inside


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Voltafit POLO LED Bulkhead – 16W with 10% MSnThis unit offers fully automated lighting control. The built-in microwave sensor detects the presence of moving objects and turns the LED lamp full on (100% brightness). After a user-defined time interval the light unit is dimming back to 0% or 10% brightness. We use the only Hytronik Sensorin all our light fittings.nVoltacon designs and assembles in the UK (in purpose built warehouse and laboratory) a complete range of 2D LED bulkheads. They are available in both Non-Emergency and Emergency models with or without microwave motion detectors. Easy to install, the bulkheads are CE – EMC approved and compliant with BS5266.nProduct Features and AdvantagesnEasy to install and easy to replace individual components (in case of failure)nEmergency batteries for lighting from leading manufacturer YuasanThermal vias (perforated board) carry heat away from LED chipsnCE-EMC approved LED drivers with 95% efficiencynLumen Maintenance Factor LM 80n5 Year WarrantynWhat is inside the fitting ?nA metalic LED Board with SMD2835 chips with a microwave sensor. The Sensor has adjustable settings, the detection range and turn on/off time can be set to meet specific requirements. There is also a photocell on the microwave casing that can be de-activated using the dip-switches. The VOLTAFIT POLO is one of the mose economical light fittings in the market that helps you save up to 90% in electricity cost.nThe LEDISON LED bulkhead with integrated microwave sensor has an attractive design and can be used either externally or internally owing to its IP54 rating. It utilises an LED board with multiple rows of chips producing an even spread of light of 1600 lumens in mains operation and 300 lumens in emergency mode. The LED’s have a running time of approximately 50,000 hour.nDimensionsn320x 110mm