Voltaled LED Ceiling Fitting 25W


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LED Ceiling Fitting 25Watt – OMEGA SeriesnVoltacon is pleased to welcome a new slim and stylish unit to its range of commercial LED ceiling lights.nVoltaled is a modern ceiling light, featuring an elegant brushed aluminium bezel that is just 40mm thick, making it a versatile and discreet solution for lighting your business. Voltaled comes in a range of sizes; the smallest weighing 920g and the largest weighing 1.2kg.nThe stylish LED ceiling light is perfect for illuminating any area of your business including corridors, reception areas, utility rooms and bathrooms. It is even suitable for installing in outside areas such as balconies due to an IP (ingression protection) rating of IP54, indicating the waterproof and humidity-resistant properties of the lights.nOur recommedationnIf you want to replace your oldceiling/wall lights this is the right LED light that is equivalent to 28w and 36w 2D CFL.nFeaturesnIt comes with LED aluminium printed circuit boardnUses the latest technology of high efficiency LED drivernAvailable with white and brushed aluminium bezelnIt replaced 28w and 36w CFL 2D LampsnMain featuresnApplicationsnThe LED fixture can be installed onthe wall and ceiling,on the back side there is a metalic mounting bracket with screws and plugs. It is suitable for all surfaces (wood, plasterboard, concrete and brick walls).nSlim & Elegant designnFunctions and OptionsnEmergency pack with Ni-Cd batter for 3 hour emergy powe modenMicrowave sensor with on/off functionnMicrowave sensor with corridor functions and 3 step dimming.nWaterproof Certificate, IP54nVoltaled can be used as MAINTAINED FITTINGSnIt will operate as standard light fitting, can be controlled with a wall switch or motion sensor like all the other lights. When the mains power fails, the maintained emergency pack will operate at 30% light about that is approximately 300 lumen.nThree Colours – one fitting