VOLTALED Polar Full Moon LED 15W Outdoor Sensor


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Outdoor LED bulkhead with 15W 2D tray.nThe VOLTALED “full moon” curcilar bulkhead is made of high grade aliminium housing and fire-proof toughen plastic lens. Looking inside the fitting, there is LED 2D gear tray with a 4-pin 12w lamp.This luminaire is suitable for outdoor use and can be fitted on walls and cellings.nWe also offer you the option to customise your fitting by adding a microwave sensor with integrated photo-cell. This solution will increase significantly the energy savings of your new LED light.nProduct FeaturesnThe aluminium case acts as a heatsink , removing the heat from the LED driver and chips. The LED outdoor fittings can last 50,000hours which is the longest service life you can find in the market.