Yuasa 3DH4-0LA4 – Emergency Battery 3 Cell Stick with Leads


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Cylindrical Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)nLong life batteries with highest capacitynThis is a sealed Yuasa 3.6 volt D cell, nickel cadmium rechargeable 3 cell battery stick complete with amp plug for use with emergency lighting.nCyclindrical Nickel Cadmium batteries are theideal power choice for emergency lightingandportable powerapplications.This reliable power source will providehigh capacity powerwithlong service life.nFeaturesnHigh Capacity – Using latest technology, Yuasa Nicad product has some of the highest capacities available.nLong Service Life – Depending upon application up to 1000 charge / discharge cycles can be expected.nHigh Temperature Options – Some popular cell sizes are available in high temperature versions.