Some Things to Consider While Purchasing LED Bulbs


The LED bulbs are found in several shapes and sizes in order that they can illuminate the home and offices in a proper way. The bulbs are known to be more energy efficient. In spite of that, they are a rich source of light. In fact, in major respects, they are equivalent to the previously used incandescent light. So, now if one is thinking to invest in the LED bulbs then that is a beneficial idea in several ways. This is because they are great to be used as a source of light in any given area. They generally have a longer span of life ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 hours and are a friendly substitute to the environment. Some of the considerations for choosing the LED bulbs are as follows:

Shape of the Light

When you are looking for a LED bulb, you will find that there are many shapes available. They offer different characteristics and looks. Some of the common shapes that you might find are spot lights, candle, spiral, traditional, globe and stick lights. These different shapes offer different variations of light because of the slight variations in the spreading angle of the light. The bulbs are also available in clear or opaque finish. So, you can choose them according to your needs.

Base Configuration

The base configuration of the LED bulbs, just like the incandescent bulbs, can have varying pen bases. For the household lighting, the best and most common fixture is Edison or screw-in bases. The benefit of them is that one can take the older bulbs to the store to get a replacement of correct size and base type.

Dimmable or Non-Dimmable

Choosing a dimmable or non-dimmable light is your purely your personal choice. But for that a having a proper light circuit is important. Experts say that the dimmable lights should be used in a compatible circuit. Try to avoid the dimmable setup with a non-dimmable circuit as that can be quite damaging.

Light Color Range

The color of the light is also a personal preference of the user. The rating of the color is provided by using the Kelvin Scale (K). The most common rating available in the market is between the ranges 2,700-3,000K. This range is similar to what the incandescent lights fall into. These lights offer a warmer yellow output of light. If you are searching for modern clean lighting then it will be better to choose bulbs within 4,000- 5,000K rating.

Considering the above points one can purchase the right LED for themselves. The LED bulbs are a reasonable purchase for people. Thus, they have become an attractive choice among buyers.